Silver pan, white cutting board, plates, cups and mugs should in a box ready to be moved by Tippet Richardson movers

Moving Day Kit – Why you need one

While moving is extremely exciting, it can also be overwhelming if you fail to plan ahead. Moving day kits are vital because they can prevent you from scrambling and unpacking everything in search of your essential items. Here are some tips on how to prepare a moving day kit:

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Tippet Richardson storage facility with wooden storage crates stacked up for short and long-distance moves

Storage Facility – how to choose a safe one

People often have items that they are not using regularly, or that they need to store while moving. A storage facility can therefore be a great option. It keeps spaces free of clutter, makes it easier to keep a place neat and tidy. However, safety and security are important. Here are some tips on how to choose a safe storage facility: Continue reading

Priceless antique items to be stored using various wrapping tape or bubble wrap in boxes

Packing Antiques Safely

Nobody wants to find their personal belongings damaged during a move. We’ve compiled some tips, to help you avoid disaster by packing antiques safely:

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Computers, monitors, keyboards are on a long white table waiting for Tippet-Richardson to move the IT equipment

Moving IT Equipment

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Non functioning computer and electronic equipment is piled up in a blue bin waiting for E-waste services

E-Waste Services

Any business move comes with careful planning. One thing businesses have to worry about is their e-waste. When a company moves, they usually start by tossing many of their things to the trash. E-waste items are mostly electronic and don’t belong in landfills. Dedicated, responsible e-waste services will be needed.

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Man, in an old red car, trying to move his personal belongings that is tied on the roof of his car

Why choose a professional moving company?

Moving can be a big hassle… packing, loading, traveling and then unloading, only to unpack at the new place. It’s tempting to roll up your sleeves, hire a truck, and just get stuck in. So, why choose a professional moving company?  Read on, to find out:

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Maroon colored storage unit filled with personal belongings, two mattresses, blue vacuum, suitcases

Why you should hire movers to fill your storage unit

When moving between houses or downsizing to a smaller space, you may have valued items that won’t fit in. In this case, renting a storage unit is a good option. However, packing items for storage requires more planning than a traditional move. Instead of taking a DIY approach, this is why you should hire movers to fill your storage unit:

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Bulldog on top of a box that is labeled dog and other boxes are labeled kitchen, CDs, books

Moving with Pets

Moving is a high stress affair and adding pets into the mix can ramp that stress up. Pets can get aggravated and stressed by a chaotic environment, especially if their owners are distracted. To prevent stress when moving with pets, it’s important to follow some simple steps:

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Living room with a James Bond themed picture, black leather sofa, brown flooring, glass table on top of a white rug

Decorating Tips

Once first time homeowners close on their house, they may think the hard part is over, but decorating that new home is the next big challenge. There’s more space to fill, an apartment to clear out, and that college futon to toss. First time homeowners searching for decorating tips can’t go wrong with a couple of key ingredients for creating a beautiful home. Use these five tips to go from apartment dwelling to home living:

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Distressed couple kneeled down surrounded by moving boxes with their hands to their heads

Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

Moving Day is one of the more stressful events a family can go through. The planning, packing, and saying good-bye over the course of weeks or months can take a toll emotionally and physically. Along the way, families can get overwhelmed and make some rookie mistakes. When planning a move, avoid these common moving mistakes:

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