Planning a cross-border move between Canada and the United States?  You should be aware that this requires special expertise, given the regulatory environment in today’s security conscious world. Whether it’s the United States Homeland Security or Canada Border Services, there are new rules for both carriers and individuals. Any failure to comply is a risk you don’t want to take!

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What to Expect from U.S. Customs

While it is usually not necessary for the owner of the household goods to be present at the border when the driver clears Customs, it is imperative that all paperwork is in good order, to avoid having the shipment “held in bond” by Customs (bond fees are chargeable to the customer).

Understanding your responsibilities, documentation requirements, and what to expect at U.S. Customs is key to the success of your relocation.

U.S. Customs require that you complete a 3299 (Declaration of Free Entry form). It is your responsibility to complete the 3299 form and provide it to your certified moving consultant prior to loading.  Your van foreman will present the form along with a copy of your Passport, a copy of the Bill of Lading for your shipment and your household goods Inventory list to Customs at the border.

Avoid unnecessary delays when you cross the border by ensuring that Passports, Birth Certificates, photo identification and Social Security/Insurance numbers for each family member crossing are up to date.  Please note: you must enter the U.S. before your Household Goods shipment and declare that you have goods to follow.

Required Documentation

Canadian citizens moving to the U.S. require:

  • Passports, Birth Certificates, and clear photo identification for each family member.
  • A Work Visa, Immigrant Visa, or an I-94 Multiple Entry form.  You must enter the U.S., have your Visa stamped, and declare goods to follow.
  • A Social Insurance number.
  • Completed 3299 (Declaration of Free Entry form), obtainable from your moving consultant.
  • Letter from employer indicating validity of transfer (if applicable).
  • Copy of marriage certificate, if spouse’s family name differs.

U.S. citizens returning to the U.S. from Canada require:

  • Passports or Birth Certificates and photo identification for each family member travelling with you.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Completed 3299 (Declaration of Free Entry form), obtainable from your moving consultant.
  • When you enter the U.S., you must declare goods to follow.

If moving a motor vehicle from Canada to the U.S., customers require:

  • Completed HS-7 form (obtainable from your certified moving consultant)
  • Completed Environmental Protection Agency form (obtainable from your moving consultant)
  • Manufacturer’s letter stating that the vehicle meets all U.S. standards (obtainable from the manufacturer of your vehicle).
  • Copy of vehicle registration.
  • Photocopy of U.S. Bill of Sale, if applicable (returning U.S. resident).

We recommend that you refer to the following websites, to obtain detailed information on cross-border relocation procedures:

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