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    Overseas Moving Services: Global Relocations

    Tippet-Richardson specializes in long distance moves and provides international moving and storage relocation services. Our team of moving experts will meet your international moving needs by efficiently transporting all your valuables and furniture from one country to another. Our company values the importance of your belongings. Therefore, a unique and customized plan will be created to ensure each overseas move is smooth and successful. Tippet-Richardson provides every method of shipping via land, air, and sea transport.

    Tippet-Richardson’s team of trained experts will strategically plan and execute the international relocation process in an organized manner. Each move will encompass a series of stages, which will help simplify what can be an overwhelming process.

    Our company is FAIM (Fidi Accredited International Mover) certified and we pride ourselves on being fully committed to a quality move, no matter how far or near the relocation distance may be.

    Your Full Service International Mover

    • The Pre-Moving Process: Determining the size of any shipment is a critical first stage in constructing a shipping plan and estimating costs. Prior to the move, we will send out a professional surveyor to walk through your home to determine all the furniture that needs to be moved and assess the number of cartons we will require to pack your belongings into.
    • Furniture Packing and Wrapping: To minimize any damages that could occur to your home furniture and belongings, our company utilizes high-quality materials to wrap your valuables neatly and accordingly. We will also provide you with labels to stick on each item, which will ensure that items are brought to the correct area once they have reached the destination.
    • Shipping Containers: With all your belongings packed up and ready to be shipped, we will place your items in durable and heavy-duty containers. These containers will be transferred onto our vehicles, which will safely transport your goods from one country to another.
    • Customs Regulation: Once your overseas move is confirmed, our professional coordinators will review all customs paperwork with you and assist you in filling out the required forms.  We will then do our part and send out those forms to our team in the destination country.
    • Unpacking and Removal Services: Once our crew has completed the delivery and unpacking process of your shipment, we break down all the cardboard cartons to recycle and reuse in our local moves.

    For more information on our services, get in touch with your nearest branch of Tippet-Richardson!