Jeff Brennan, GM at T-R Ottawa

Jeff Brennan, General Manager at T-R Ottawa

Whilst T-R is celebrating its 95th anniversary, it’s quite fitting that we’re doing our staff focus on Jeff Brennan, as he’s also celebrating an anniversary: 30 years with the T-R brand!

Jeff has worked for T-R Westcan Inc. for 7 years, holding the position of GM at our Vancouver branch. However, he hails from Ontario and it is where he got his start working for Tippet-Richardson Limited and where he’s been doing the brand proud, most recently as the GM of our Ottawa branch.

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Tippet-Richardson turns 95!

Tippet-Richardson turns 95!

We’re celebrating Tippet-Richardson’s 95th anniversary this year!  T-R began life from humble beginnings in 1927 (the year of Canada’s Diamond Anniversary), when Basil Tippet and C.A. Richardson rented a warehouse and a moving van, to start their operation in Toronto.  This was way back before there was even a highway into Western Canada.

Now we’ve been around for almost a century and we’ve certainly seen a few things.  T-R has survived: the stock market crash of ’29 and the Great Depression that followed in the “dirty thirties”; the global devastation of World War 2; not to mention the COVID pandemic.  We were even here when the maple leaf was raised for the very first time on the Canadian flag we know today.

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Brenda Bressler, GM at Tippet-Richardson Calgary

Brenda Bressler, General Manager at T-R Calgary

Allow me to introduce you to our Calgary GM, Brenda Bressler. Brenda first joined T-R back in 2006, as the Receptionist. She took a short break from the industry in 2011 but then got pulled back in 4 years later. Brenda now oversees a staff of 20 employees, along with doing sales, plus coordinating and assisting with any challenges that arise daily.

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International Women’s Day

We invited the women of T-R to join us in Breaking the Bias on International Women’s Day. Proud to be their colleague!

Team Canada

Tippet-Richardson came together to support Team Canada last week, with staff bringing in donations of non-perishable food items for Move for Hunger. Go Canada!

Holiday food bank pickups

Holiday Food Bank Pickups 2021

Each year, Tippet-Richardson assists with holiday food bank pickups for our local Food Banks. We’re thrilled to announce that in December last year, we helped deliver 9,269 pounds of food to our local Food Banks, in partnership with Move for Hunger. Move for Hunger has now confirmed that 9,269 pounds of food will provide 7,724 meals!

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Ray Abbott, our Vice President Sales & Corporate Development at Tippet-Richardson

Ray Abbott, Vice President Sales & Corporate Development

We’d like you to get to know the T-R team a little better, so let’s begin with Ray Abbott, our Vice President Sales & Corporate Development:

Ray has been in the moving industry since 1979, when he began his career as a long-distance hauler. Ray moved into Sales and has worked in a variety of roles, building knowledge and experience within the industry.

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Ray Abbott appointed Secretary to FIDI Canada Board

Ray Abbott appointed as Secretary to FIDI Canada Board

We’re proud to announce that Ray Abbott, our Vice President Sales & Corporate Development, has joined the FIDI Canada Board and been appointed as Secretary. Congratulations Ray!

You can learn more about the work FIDI Global Alliance do here.

Tippet-Richardson Fundraiser

Help Tippet-Richardson Fight Hunger!

Tippet-Richardson is holding a Move For Hunger Fundraiser throughout 2022.  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented need for food support, throughout Canada and the US.  Your support will directly impact the number of people that Move for Hunger are able to feed in the years ahead. 96% of every donation goes directly towards their hunger relief and food waste reduction programs.

We at T-R are making a huge push, towards a goal of $30,000, to help put meals on tables.  Please pitch in with us, in the fight against food poverty, by donating here!

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