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Moving Services – 10 Myths About Them

If you’re moving and need help, there are myths about moving services that can turn you off. Tippet-Richardson is dedicated to providing a valuable service that will dispel myths like the following:

1. Something Will Be Broken

Our movers have experience with moving fragile items of any size. We secure all fragile objects and properly pack them in the moving truck, to prevent breakages. You can also carry smaller fragile items in your car, if you have space and will feel more at ease.

2. All Boxes and Packaging Are Created Equal

There is a reason movers use heavy duty cardboard boxes with specially designed reinforcement and packaging. Even if items have their own box, you should ensure that you protect them with proper packaging before shipping. Properly labelling boxes and containers will inform movers about where in the moving truck to place them and whether they need to carry them in a particular way.

3. Items Will Get Lost

New home and office owners need to meet movers at the premises they are moving from, as well as meet them at the new location. If you are not able to be present on moving day, it’s best to have an authorized adult to take your place. We also want to make sure that we have loaded all of your belongings, so we advise you to do a walk-through of the premises. You will have a chance to work with movers to direct where they should place items.

4. Moving Services Cost Much More than Self-Moving

For the typical self-move, a person will have to rent a vehicle, pay for gas, purchase packaging materials and perform all the physical labour of moving heavy mattresses, sofas, and dressers. When tallying up the true cost of moving, moving services can be advantageous as you can have professionals move items while you begin to unpack and settle in.

5. Brokers and Intermediaries Can Find the Best Moving Deals

Whenever possible, be sure to deal directly with your moving company. A broker or intermediary may be able to find a “better” price, but fees will include middle-man costs.

6. Labeling Is Overrated

Organizing your new home or office can be a pain, but you’ll save a heap of time and energy if you’ve labelled your boxes and items. Label everything and take the time to properly sort items so that you can keep track of your possessions and get them out of storage as quickly as possible.

7. You Don’t Need to Plan

At Tippet-Richardson, we advise you to plan in advance. You need to plan everything from arranging moving services, packing, arranging to move pets and plants, making moving day trip kits, to changing your address and more. It’s important to arrange who will meet the movers at the location. It’s equally important that you prepare an itinerary and an inventory checklist for family and friends.

8. The Moving Company will Clear Customs for Me

When you are moving to Canada or the United States, you need to be present at customs to clear your items. The moving company cannot do this for you. In some circumstances, a relative or friend can clear your goods, if they have the power of attorney authorizing them to.

9. Movers Only Operate Within Local Areas

While some moves may be across town, there is a definitive market for those making longer journeys to a new home or office. We supply moving services for those moving locally, long-distance or internationally.

10. All Moving Companies Are the Same

Tippet-Richardson has a history spanning over 85 years of prompt and high quality moving services. Finding another company with the same level of experience and care would be hard to do. Before planning to move, it’s important to do your research and look for moving companies that have credentials and experience. Our company offers competitive prices and quality service.

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