Tippet Richardson moving a Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD in a brown box with a small blue trolley

Packing Electronics – 5 things to remember

When moving a home or an apartment there is a lot to keep track of. You will be accounting for furniture, clothing, important documents, electronics and other miscellaneous possessions. Electronics however, present their own unique challenges. Here are a few quick tips for packing electronics:

Read the Manual

When it comes to packing electronics, always read the manual first or consult the manufacturer’s website. Most manuals list proper storage and packing techniques. At the very least, the manufacturer will know what not to do when moving or transporting their product.

Use Reliable Packaging

Use the original packaging if it’s still available, as it assures a secure fit for easy transport. In some cases, however, the original packaging is not available. Other options include using boxes that are sturdy enough to support the items and using plenty of packaging (bubble wrap, packing peanuts and more).

Keep Things Together

When packing electronics, keep them together with their accessories. This will help you keep track of manuals, cords, components, remotes and other miscellaneous parts. The last thing a person wants when moving into a new house is to be unable to find the power plug or remote for the Blu Ray player.

Securely Pack Your Items

If you wrap it properly, you’ll be able to move the item on its own. If you use enough bubble wrap and tape, you’ll create a great protective insulation. You may wish to only use this method on items you are personally transporting. Blankets can also be highly effective as insulating material. If you are transporting a TV in your vehicle, you can wrap a moving blanket around the television and securely place it in the vehicle.

Remember How to Assemble Electronics

When unhooking and disconnecting electronics, write down or label how they were assembled. Living room entertainment systems can become notoriously complex over time, as more components are added. Having instructions makes reassembling much easier.

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