Secure Storage & Warehouse Solutions

Whether you’re between homes, looking for short-term storage before an overseas move or are in need of long-term storage for home or office items, Tippet-Richardson has managed storage and warehouse solutions for you. We have access to over 750,000 square feet of secure warehousing and storage space across Canada, with services in Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. All warehouse locations are fully secure, climate controlled, and government bonded.

Climate control & high-tech sprinkler systems

Our warehouses feature high-tech climate control and sprinkler systems to ensure that your valuables remain in the same condition in which they were stored.

Electronically secured warehouses

The safety of your items is of the highest importance to us. All our warehouses feature premium electronic security and surveillance systems. Only authorized personnel can access the storage facility.

Blanket wrapping, protective packing and palletization

Maintaining the condition of your items while in storage requires careful packing. We offer blanket wrapping for furniture and protective packing for smaller items. Once in the warehouse, storage containers are stacked on pallets to ensure no harm comes to your items during transportation, stacking and storage.

Itemization for inventory control

It is important that our clients can retrieve all items that were stored in a timely manner from our warehouses. All our warehouses utilize state-of-the-art inventory control systems, so you can access your stored items exactly when you need them, in the best possible condition.

Long-term and short-term storage options

We understand that everyone’s storage needs are different. We offer custom solutions for both short and long term storage, to ensure you are getting the storage that is right for you.

Locations across Canada

With services in Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, and warehouses across Canada, we have storage solutions for you, wherever you are.