Man, in an old red car, trying to move his personal belongings that is tied on the roof of his car

Why choose a professional moving company?

Moving can be a big hassle… packing, loading, traveling and then unloading, only to unpack at the new place. It’s tempting to roll up your sleeves, hire a truck, and just get stuck in. So, why choose a professional moving company?  Read on, to find out:

Why choose a professional moving company?

  • Truck rental services provide customers with the moving truck only. Extras such as moving boxes and packing materials are hidden costs that will take time to organize.
  • Since truck rental services only supply the truck, the heavy lifting and moving falls on the shoulders of the customer. Packing is time consuming and sometimes stressful, especially if large or heavy items are included. Professional movers bring with them expertise and equipment, to make the move easier and safer.
  • Experienced professional movers will also be able to securely pack fragile or unique items that need extra care. Whether they are moving locally or long distance, your belongings will be safely protected throughout the journey to your new home.

Aren’t rental truck services more affordable than moving companies?

  • While rental truck services may seem more affordable, the cost only covers the truck. A professional moving company can include a variety of services, including packing materials, movers and safe transport of larger items like pianos and hot tubs.
  • Tippet-Richardson is very transparent with customers about the costs of a move and outline each charge for the customer beforehand. Quotes are available on our website, by phone, or in-house with one of our experts. This gives customers realistic expectations, as well as the ability to make a more informed choice on services.
  • We have options for individuals and families that are on a budget. If you have a tight budget for your move, please speak with one of our moving consultants. We can help you find a moving plan that works for you and helps you keep the cost as low as possible.

Services offered by Tippet-Richardson

  • Tippet-Richardson is one of Canada’s oldest and most established moving companies. We will handle your move with care and courtesy. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, business or residence, we have a moving package to meet your needs.
  • We provide cost-effective business records management and storage services with off-site storage in a climate-controlled and secure facility. In addition, we also have safe and secure storage and warehouse services for all of your other storage needs.
  • Moving internationally? Tippet-Richardson can help with more than just moves from the United States to Canada and vice versa. Give us a call today and speak with our qualified overseas move coordinators.
  • Tippet-Richardson is committed to helping seniors make a safe transition during their move. Ask your move consultant about our senior discount.

Next time you move, take time to consider your options. You can’t go wrong with Tippet-Richardson!