Tippet Richardson storage facility with wooden storage crates stacked up for short and long-distance moves

Storage Facility – how to choose a safe one

People often have items that they are not using regularly, or that they need to store while moving. A storage facility can therefore be a great option. It keeps spaces free of clutter, makes it easier to keep a place neat and tidy. However, safety and security are important. Here are some tips on how to choose a safe storage facility:

When you use a storage facility, you don’t want to constantly worry about whether your belongings are safe, so you want to ensure you choose a secure space. Here are some factors to consider.


Make it convenient by choosing one close to your home or office. Ensure that you don’t choose a storage facility in an isolated area. You shouldn’t have to drive too far from the main road or have to move furniture and other items in high traffic areas.

Automated entry and exit system

A safe storage facility will not give access to just anyone. The facility should, therefore, only grant access to staff members and those who are renting. An automated entry and exit system should be in place. This will help keep intruders out.

24-hour surveillance

A safe storage facility will also have camera surveillance at all times. This way, should any incident related to security arise, it will be easy to look back and establish what happened. Tippet-Richardson offers a 24-hours-a-day electronic security system, to protect your furniture and household items.

Good lighting

A safe storage facility will also be well-lit at every angle. Good lighting makes it easy for the security personnel to always see what is happening and for the security cameras to clearly capture all activity.

Well maintained premises

The premises of a safe storage facility will be well-maintained. The surrounding area should be clear, so that it’s easy to see all around without being hindered by bushes and long grass which would give intruders cover, should they try to break in.

Minimize property damage

Storage facilities should have temperature conditions that won’t ruin furniture or household goods, regardless of whether it’s a short term or long term storage solution.Tippet-Richardson minimizes exposure to dirt, light, weather conditions and other environmental factors that may leave your belongings unrecognizable.

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