BC tourism logo in yellow and blue lettering that displays British Columbia The Best Place on Earth

Moving to BC Checklist

Let Tippet-Richardson help with your exciting move to BC! We’ve been helping people move to British Columbia from all over Canada; we can even help if you’re moving from the United States. We provide friendly and efficient moving services and can also help with any packing and storage requirements that you might have. Request a quote from us today; we’re looking forward to helping you move to BC.

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Open moving crate parked in a Tippet Richardson professional storage facility

Professional Storage Services

Self-storage isn’t the only option for homeowners moving cross country or internationally. In fact, for a lot of homeowners, choosing professional storage services offers significant benefits over self-storage. When choosing between self-storage units and professional storage services, consider these advantages:

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Wooden Alberta tourism logo sign that displays Welcome to Alberta Wild Rose Country

Moving to Alberta

From climbing Via Ferrata to exploring Canmore Caverns, Alberta is a gorgeous province for visitors and residents alike. With low cost of living and a booming job market, the call is alluring. When moving to Alberta from another province, making a smooth transition is easy with these five simple tips:

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Blue bucket holding yellow gloves, orange and blue sponges, and other cleaning supplies

5 Cleaning Tips for your Move In

Move in cleaning is usually the last thing on people’s minds but it’s the perfect time to get the house sparkling before unpacking. Don’t skip this important step in getting settled into a new home. Use these 5 cleaning tips for your move in:

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Man, in a blue shirt opening up a box filled with bull wrap and a clear plate

Tips on Moving Valuable Items

When planning a move, you’ll have enough to think about without worrying about the safety of your most treasured items. Moving valuables, be it antiques, jewelry, or one of a kind collectables, is nerve-wracking during transit and heart-wrenching if damaged. Don’t damage or lose valuables when moving. Use these five tips on moving valuable items:

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Blue map of North America with a Canadian and an American flag

Moving to Canada from the USA: Things you should know before you move.

So, your visa is in and you’ve arranged your new accomodation, it’s finally time – you’re moving from USA to Canada! Smart movers look beyond the basics of packing and researching new homes to how best to assimilate into a whole new country.

Before packing the moving van, these are some helpful tips that can help make moving to Canada a smooth transition:

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Man, wearing a red top and blue jeans is in front of a storage unit, storing office files, boxes and computer equipment

Storage Unit Rules: 6 Things Not to Store

Moving storage units provide a great option for people who are moving, downsizing, or just need an extra space to store excess items. Despite the convenience of renting storage space, there are some items that you should never keep in a unit. According to storage unit rules, here are 6 things not to store:

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Mixed race family of four moving into their new place unpacking all of their belongings from the long-distance move

Long Distance Moving Tips for Parents

A move of any kind can be a huge challenge, but long distance moving provides its own unique set of obstacles and problems. Often, these issues are exponentially more difficult to overcome when children are involved. Fortunately, we have some long distance moving tips for parents, to help with the whole process:

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Elderly couple with glasses is looking at each other with joy with moving boxes in the far-right hand side

Senior Moving – Why you should hire a professional company

One of the most quickly expanding areas of the moving industry is senior moving. With the constant growth of retirement living and condos, more seniors are finding convenience in downsizing and assisted living. When relocating aging family members, our clients expect the very best care and sensitivity that such a move deserves. Here are some things to consider:

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Man, wearing a green sweater and two women are packing up an office space

Planning an Office Move? Make the Most of your New Space

The most common reasons for an office move are related to cost-efficiency or a better location. If you’re moving to a new office space, you can minimize costs by preparing your move in advance and downsizing your operation. Take inventory of your office property, then make a list of items that you no longer require and which are simply taking up space. Now, here’s how you downsize:

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