Maroon colored storage unit filled with personal belongings, two mattresses, blue vacuum, suitcases

Why you should hire movers to fill your storage unit

When moving between houses or downsizing to a smaller space, you may have valued items that won’t fit in. In this case, renting a storage unit is a good option. However, packing items for storage requires more planning than a traditional move. Instead of taking a DIY approach, this is why you should hire movers to fill your storage unit:

Store for the Elements

Most homeowners go with a simple storage unit for their furniture and personal goods. These are safe, secure (and occasionally indoor) units that are not immune from drastic temperature changes. Professional movers have the experience and supplies necessary for saving personal goods and furniture from permanent damage, when left unused for long periods of time. Professional packers can help you store items safely for a significant amount of time.

Twice the Move, Twice the Damage

Temporarily moving items into a storage unit may seem like less work than a traditional move. But, ultimately, it takes more time and care than simply moving from house to house. Homeowners essentially move twice, first into the storage unit, then into a home. All this moving means there is the potential for items to break, scratch, and dent. Even careful packing can deteriorate over time and boxes can be crushed in a second move. Professional movers can safely and carefully transport stored items, so they make it through the entire process unscathed.

Save Time

Moving items twice increases the possibility of damage as well as the amount of time. Homeowners who are moving across country or internationally have enough to worry about: unpacking at their new home; setting up utilities; and ensuring the safety of the goods that were transported. It might be hard to find the extra time needed to pack items into a storage unit. Professional movers can streamline this process.

Less Space Needed

Offering beer and pizza to friends for help in a move may seem like a cost-cutting move. However, more often than not, the quality of the packing and move is compromised. This lack of foresight can then lead to spending extra time dealing with issues incurred. It might even mean that you need a bigger storage space, costing more money. Professional movers can pack and arrange a storage unit to optimize the space available.

A storage unit can be a safe home for goods that won’t quite fit into a new place just yet. Whether it’s a long-term or short-term solution, hiring professional movers is a smart idea. It will decrease the time spent moving, the storage space needed, and the aggravation of orchestrating two moves at once. All great reasons why you should hire movers to fill your storage unit.