Bulldog on top of a box that is labeled dog and other boxes are labeled kitchen, CDs, books

Moving with Pets

Moving is a high stress affair and adding pets into the mix can ramp that stress up. Pets can get aggravated and stressed by a chaotic environment, especially if their owners are distracted. To prevent stress when moving with pets, it’s important to follow some simple steps:

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Living room with a James Bond themed picture, black leather sofa, brown flooring, glass table on top of a white rug

Decorating Tips

Once first time homeowners close on their house, they may think the hard part is over, but decorating that new home is the next big challenge. There’s more space to fill, an apartment to clear out, and that college futon to toss. First time homeowners searching for decorating tips can’t go wrong with a couple of key ingredients for creating a beautiful home. Use these five tips to go from apartment dwelling to home living:

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Distressed couple kneeled down surrounded by moving boxes with their hands to their heads

Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

Moving Day is one of the more stressful events a family can go through. The planning, packing, and saying good-bye over the course of weeks or months can take a toll emotionally and physically. Along the way, families can get overwhelmed and make some rookie mistakes. When planning a move, avoid these common moving mistakes:

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Man, in a pink and white under shirt knelt down measuring the floor

Moving into a Condo

Whether its new condo owners moving into their first home or older parents downsizing after the children have moved out, moving into a condo is significantly different than moving into a house. These five important tips will help ease the burden of moving into a condo:

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Box of gold coins, ruby colored stones and white pearl necklaces that must be stored properly to avoid moving day theft

Moving Day Theft

Moving day is a chaotic and stressful experience. There will be movers, family, friends, landlords, and utility employees wandering in and out of the home. All of those people will be so caught up in their own activities that they may miss an opportunistic thief. Don’t add filling out a police report for missing items to the moving day list. Use these tips to prevent moving day theft:

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Brown moving box tipped over and equipment for packing fragile items and packing foam

Packing Fragile Items

Packing fragile items is an activity fraught with danger. Grandma’s antique vase could get smashed or a wedding plate set demolished, if you’re not careful. These six tips for packing fragile items can ensure that everything makes it to your new home in one piece:

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Child in a green top holding a small house and plant in her hands

Moving House Plants

Cultivating plants is a work of passion. Hours are spent pruning, feeding, and watering and a single long distance move can destroy all that hard work. Moving house plants doesn’t have to be a death sentence though. Follow these three fool-proof methods for moving house plants:

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Two T-R staff in uniform are moving a couch into a Tippet-Richardson parked moving truck using a Melcher ramp

Moving Oversized Items

Oversized items are no joke. Packing and moving solo may seem like a good opportunity to trim your moving budget. However, those savings might end up offset by damages, injuries, and a whole lot of aggravation. Those contemplating moving oversized items as a do-it-yourself project may want to consider these drawbacks:

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Man, wearing a brown pair of pants and black shoes is shoveling snow off his pathway to his front door

Moving in Winter

Moving in winter has a unique set of challenges not encountered during a spring, summer, or fall move. There is snow, ice, and potentially dangerous weather to contend with and staying safe is priority one. When moving in winter, keep these helpful hints in mind for a safe, warm, and productive move:

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