Things that you should move yourself are personal valuables such as necklaces or any jewellery

Things You Should Move Yourself

Professional movers do a great job, but you should keep some belongings in your own care. Decide which belongings you should put in the van or truck and which ones you should keep with you. This could be for security reasons, to prevent damage, or to avoid misplacing or forgetting the items. Here are 5 things you should move yourself:

Important Documents

One of the most critical things you should move yourself is your important documents. This includes any insurance policies, passports and documents needed for identification purposes. Consider keeping address books close by, rather than packing them for the move. If you need them during the move, you won’t have to dig through a box in order to reach them.

Personal Collections

Things can get hot in the back of a moving van. This is true even if the weather is relatively temperate outside. Don’t put items in the van, if they can be damaged by excessive heat. A prime example is a collection of vinyl records or even CDs. In the case of vinyl, most collectors have at least a few LPs and 45 RPM records that are quite valuable. Think of how it would feel to open a box and find that those valuable records have been warped by the heat during transit. While CDs are more heat-resistant than vinyl, they too can be adversely affected. As a practical moving tip, consider placing the items in climate-controlled storage and then moving them in smaller increments to your new home, in an air-conditioned car.

Heirloom Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry handed down from one generation to the next is also something to consider keeping close at hand. Even with properly packed moving boxes, there is  potential for shifting during transit. That can result in damage to those pieces. You can pack heirlooms in a case and place it in the car, to make sure the move doesn’t lead to jostling or damage.


Whether the wall art has sentimental or monetary value, it pays to pack the pieces securely and transport them to your new home in a personal vehicle. Protect your artwork with the right packing materials. If there are too many pieces to fit into the vehicle, rent a storage unit for the overflow. When you’ve sorted out your new place, you can retrieve the other pieces.

Antique Furniture

Paying close attention to moving antiques is another important moving tip. Protect antique furniture from scratches and other damage by paying personal attention to it at the packing stage. Move those pieces separately, rather than loading them with other household furnishings. This will increase the chances of the pieces arriving at the new place without any damage.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel obligated to place all of your items in the moving truck. Aside from the above things you should move yourself, Tippet-Richardson will help you move your household or office items, to make your move hassle-free.