Group of volunteers all wearing black short sleeve tuxedo shirts in a James bond theme

Corporate Kids Challenge 2016

We had a blast at the Corporate Kids Challenge 2016, held at the Ritchie Brothers’ headquarters.

As requested by many, a Corp. Kids Challenge T-R team picture. Bravo Team T-R!

Front Row : Zack Garcia, Jaime Brennan, Dawn Masterson, John Gowans, Mario Ortiz, Mirna Ortiz Back Row : Jrover Barrett, Gary Mason, Brenda Naylor, Nathan Edge, Jeff Brennan, Joris Sidibe, Waeil Al-Ghadba

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Man wearing a cowboy hat is riding a horse that is trying to buck him off at the Calgary Stampede

Moving to Calgary – what to expect

Wherever you’re from, you won’t regret moving to Calgary. The city offers a huge range of attractions and entertainment all year round. Here are a few things you can enjoy after moving to Calgary:

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Example of a color-coded labelling checklist for Mr. & Mrs. Black moving in the summer of 2013

Labelling boxes – moving tips

No one likes moving because it’s time-consuming and can be a stressful endeavor. One way to reduce hassle and to increase efficiency is to stay organized. While most people simply grab a black marker and begin scribbling on packing boxes, a smarter system will ease your pain and help facilitate your move. Use the following tips on labelling boxes:

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Two Tippet Richardson movers moving office equipment using a trolley

Moving Equipment – what you’ll need for an office move

When moving your office, it’s necessary to use different types of moving equipment. It’s easier to use moving equipment when you’re carrying heavy items such as desks, or cabinets, than having a couple of people lift them into a moving truck. This minimizes any damage and reduces the risk of physical injury. Professional movers know their moving equipment. Let them choose how to move your office and also let them do the hauling. Here are some ways moving equipment makes relocating your business hassle-free:

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Man, in a black suit and a blue tie is pointing out locations across the globe for people moving abroad

Moving Abroad – 9 Helpful Hints and Tips

The fact is, starting a new life abroad will probably have some hiccups, but then so will making a new life in the next province/state, for that matter. But with some good, solid planning, patience and knowledge, you can absolutely make it work and that’s where we can help.  The following are some tips to remember when moving abroad:

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Tippet-Richardson white, red, black colored checklist with a red pencil

Moving Checklist – What you should include

Moving can be difficult if you aren’t prepared for it. You should start preparing for your move at least a month in advance, to pack, change bills to the new address and more. To help make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, be sure to add the following things to your moving checklist:

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Visit the A-maze-ing Laughter statues in Morton Park when you finish moving with Tippet-Richardson

Moving to Vancouver: What to Expect

So, you’re moving to Vancouver? Or perhaps you’re thinking of it? Plan to spend time having fun in a busy exciting city, surrounded by wilderness areas, mountains, islands and coasts. You’ll get to enjoy a city of diverse cultures. Vancouver is one of the friendliest cities in North America. You will experience a variety of art, culture, entertainment and cuisine from all over the world. Experience cultural cuisines, cafes, fine dining, seafood and more:

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Tippet-Richardson top 10 summer moving tips with red and yellow font color and blue-sky color background

Summer Moving Tips

Summer is one of the best seasons for moving. However, even the easiest moves can benefit from planning. This season is a peak time to move, so moving services will be busy, there may be more traffic on the road, the weather may be too hot and there may be other reasons why you want to plan and account for flexibility. Here are some summer moving tips to keep in mind: Continue reading