Two Tippet Richardson movers moving office equipment using a trolley

Moving Equipment – what you’ll need for an office move

When moving your office, it’s necessary to use different types of moving equipment. It’s easier to use moving equipment when you’re carrying heavy items such as desks, or cabinets, than having a couple of people lift them into a moving truck. This minimizes any damage and reduces the risk of physical injury. Professional movers know their moving equipment. Let them choose how to move your office and also let them do the hauling. Here are some ways moving equipment makes relocating your business hassle-free:

First, of course, the truck

The largest piece of equipment you’ll need is, obviously, the moving truck. You’ll need to think about how much you’re moving and then choose the right sized truck. The size of an office will determine the right size of moving truck with larger offices needing larger trucks. Our experts will be able to help you make this decision, so get in touch!

Other handy equipment

  • It will be necessary to have moving equipment to carry items to the truck so they can be loaded and unloaded. This is typically done with a dolly or hand truck. They are ideal for stacking boxes. You should transport large and heavy items that can fall off and get damaged like refrigerators with dollies that have straps to hold items securely in place.
  • Very large items like sofas, pianos, file cabinets and others should be carried on four-wheel furniture dollies. They are wider and such items can be carried securely on them.
  • Furniture pads will keep dirt and scratches off your furniture. Wrap them around corners and edges and hold them in place using tape. • Another item to include on the list is plastic wrap. Bind it around office seats to prevent stains and use it to keep the drawers of desks in place.
  • You’ll need boxes for all the other items, including clothes, books, utensils, dishes and more. Some items are best carried in purpose-specific containers, such as wardrobe boxes and utensils boxes (partitioned so that they securely hold small, delicate items). It’s also useful to have packing tape and paper, as well as permanent markers or labels for identifying boxes.

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