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Summer Moving Tips

Summer is one of the best seasons for moving. However, even the easiest moves can benefit from planning. This season is a peak time to move, so moving services will be busy, there may be more traffic on the road, the weather may be too hot and there may be other reasons why you want to plan and account for flexibility. Here are some summer moving tips to keep in mind:

Book as soon as possible

One of the most important summer moving tips is to start planning as soon as possible, to beat the rush. After all, a lot of people choose to move in the summer, meaning that moving services are busy and will need to be booked in advance.

Keep important documents with you

Be sure to carry important documents with you because it makes moving more convenient. For example, having your kids’ transcripts and vaccination records will expedite the process of enrolling them in their new schools, by saving you the time and trouble of digging through your packed possessions for them.

Reduce your belongings

Although this is one of the hardest moving tips to implement, moving in summer will be easier with less stuff. If you don’t need some clothes and items anymore, consider holding a garage sale or donating to charity.

Consider the heat

No list of summertime moving tips would be complete without a mention of summertime temperatures. In short, some objects, such as leather furniture, tend not to fare well in high temperatures. Take precautions when transporting items that are unable to withstand direct sunlight or heat.

Kids / Pets

If you have kids or pets, you can arrange for someone to take care of them, or you can have children help unpack (if they’re old enough), or have other arrangements to move kids and pets into the new home.

Stay cool

Arguably, the most important of summer moving tips. Since movers will be doing physical labour in hot temperatures, consider having cold water to refresh them. Likewise, make sure that you are staying hydrated as well by having cold water readily available. Air conditioners are important enough to warrant mentioning in these moving tips. Basically, having them turned on makes moving easier.

It’s all in the timing

Be aware of any long weekends or holidays in the summer, depending on where you are moving to.

Take some time off

Finally, you need to remember that even the best-laid plans can run into unexpected problems, meaning that your schedule should account for flex time. There may be traffic on the road from other people going on vacation or other reasons, as well as planning for breaks from unpacking especially depending on the temperature.

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