Man, in a black suit and a blue tie is pointing out locations across the globe for people moving abroad

Moving Abroad – 9 Helpful Hints and Tips

The fact is, starting a new life abroad will probably have some hiccups, but then so will making a new life in the next province/state, for that matter. But with some good, solid planning, patience and knowledge, you can absolutely make it work and that’s where we can help.  The following are some tips to remember when moving abroad:

Start the process as soon as you can

It is best to start the moving process as early as you can. Your requirements will vary according to whether your move abroad is permanent or a temporary spell, perhaps working abroad. If you are moving permanently, you are unlikely to wish to keep any goods in store in the UK, so dispose of items you are not going to ship as soon as possible.

Get quotes ahead of time

Obtain quotes two months or so in advance. Your mover will probably be able to give you a door-to-door price but he may have to obtain rates from a variety of sub-contractors and this takes time, even with e-mail and other communication channels.

Need storage?

Consider whether you need storage for your goods before they leave the country or when they arrive overseas; your mover can probably arrange both. Costs and the quality of services will vary, depending on the company you choose. Be clear about what you are going to take and stick to it. All movers calculate their costs according to a combination of materials needed, volume of space needed and time taken. If they find the final packed volumes different to the estimate, and they can identify additional goods submitted, they will levy extra charges.

Research customs requirements

Check out through your mover the Customs regulations and procedure for your destination. Generally, but not always, used household goods are allowed in duty and tax free but there are exceptions. The length of ownership and use before something becomes classed as used varies too.

There are many variables involved: Customs clearance will usually take place at the port or airport of entry but sometimes it will take place at the mover’s warehouse; In some cases, you will need to be present; Some countries have a separate agricultural quarantine inspection; Certain charges can be included in the quote, while others will be levied at destination; Some countries inspect every shipment, other countries just some shipments. If yours is selected for physical examination or x-ray, extra charges will result.

Get covered!

On an overseas move, with a variety of transport methods and often multiple handling of the goods, damage or loss can occur. Your mover will be able to arrange cover against the risks of loss and damage. You will need to declare the value of the goods room by room, item by item. This can be a time consuming task but it is very important to accurately compile the information. The cover will usually include periods of pre or post-shipment storage, if required.

Moving abroad will be an exciting time of change.  Make sure you plan ahead and research everything in advance. Tippet-Richardson can offer you professional advice about every aspect of the move. If you have any questions or concerns about moving abroad, contact us today!