Man, in a blue shirt opening up a box filled with bull wrap and a clear plate

Tips on Moving Valuable Items

When planning a move, you’ll have enough to think about without worrying about the safety of your most treasured items. Moving valuables, be it antiques, jewelry, or one of a kind collectables, is nerve-wracking during transit and heart-wrenching if damaged. Don’t damage or lose valuables when moving. Use these five tips on moving valuable items:

Hire a Trusted Moving Company

There are lots of places where homeowners can cut corners to save money. They can install their own appliances, fix their own damages, and pack their own belongings during a move. What no one should cut corners on is their moving company. Moving companies transport family memories and antiques and hiring a trustworthy company is essential. Before hiring a mover, read reviews, ask trusted friends and family, and contact multiple movers to find the best fit for your move. Confirm that the company you hire has insurance and any permits required by provincial or local authorities. When moving valuables, make sure the moving company is reliable and trust-worthy.

Update Home Insurance

Insuring valuables isn’t normally a pressing need. Homeowners will purchase their insurance and never update it to reflect new purchases or increases in antique value. Before moving valuables, it’s important that homeowners contact their home insurance company to reappraise the worth of each item. Even with trusted movers and ample packing materials, accidents can happen, so you need to esure that you’ll be covered, financially, for any losses. After hiring a moving company, but before packing boxes, talk to a home insurance representative to update your coverage.

Don’t Skimp on Packing Materials

Costs associated with quality packing materials may add up fast but don’t try to save pennies on moving valuables only to lose dollars when they’re damaged. Protect your valuables, by using packing peanuts, moving blankets, and durable boxes. Talking to professional movers or packing supply providers about what materials would work best for each item is a great way to assess what supplies are needed.

Keep the Small Stuff

While packing an overnight bag and government documents in personal vehicles is a no-brainer when moving, packing small valuables such as jewelry and trading cards often isn’t. Rather than spending the first night in a new home scouring boxes for small valuables, pack them in a personal vehicle so they’re easy to access and easy to secure. Keep any money, jewelry, and other small valuables in possession during a move.

‘X’ Marks the Spot

Take a tip from hurricane preparation protocols and tape up any glass or mirrored antiques or paintings before moving. Two strips of masking or duct tape can reinforce glass to prevent shattering from a small bump or drop. While it takes a little longer to clean up the tape after moving, when moving valuables with glass, mark them with an x to prevent shattered glass.

Moving valuables is a stressful situation but taking some preemptive steps to secure and insure them can make moving easier. Start by hiring a trustworthy moving company and updating all home insurance for moving valuables. During the packing process, buy high quality moving materials and pack all valuables well for a safe move. Then, when moving valuables, keep the small stuff nearby. Following these five tips on moving valuable items can ensure they arrive intact and ready for display in a new home.