Man, wearing a red top and blue jeans is in front of a storage unit, storing office files, boxes and computer equipment

Storage Unit Rules: 6 Things Not to Store

Moving storage units provide a great option for people who are moving, downsizing, or just need an extra space to store excess items. Despite the convenience of renting storage space, there are some items that you should never keep in a unit. According to storage unit rules, here are 6 things not to store:


Keeping refrigerated food out of a storage unit is a no-brainer. However, you might think keeping spices, crackers, or other pantry foods in a storage unit is okay. Any food items can quickly attract pests that can destroy not only the food but other items in your unit. Regardless of the amount of time or the food item, keeping food in a storage unit is a bad idea.

Important Documents

Storing irreplaceable documents like passports, birth certificates, or family heirlooms is another bad idea. If you need these documents immediately but they are in a storage unit, they may not be readily available to you. Also, while most storage units provide excellent security, nowhere is entirely immune to break-ins. You should keep anything that would be a significant burden or completely impossible to replace in the home, not in a storage unit.


Even when legal, storing firearms in a storage unit is a huge liability. A robbed unit can require hours of headaches while filing police reports and possibly end in legal proceedings against the renters. Laws and storage unit rules vary from province to province regarding storing firearms, so it’s always important to talk to the storage company before attempting to store firearms. In short, even when it’s legal, it’s best not to store firearms in such units.

Animals and Plants

Storage units are great for furniture, but horrible for pets, and plants. With minimal light, no running water, and little ventilation, no matter how expensive rent is or how pricey it is to board your pooch for the night, spending the night in a storage unit is never an appropriate alternative. Storage rental companies specifically prohibit storing people and animals in storage units. Avoid the danger and illegality and don’t store living things in storage units.


While affordable, storage units are still a monthly or quarterly expense. If you know you’ll end up donating certain items or sending them to the landfill, do it right away. Save the moving and the money and only store items that will be used in the future.

Prescription Medications

Renting a storage unit can provide a great place to store household goods between moves but it isn’t ideal for every household good. Prescription medications, for example, should never be stored in a storage unit. Many prescription medications need to be kept at room temperature and storage units can get significantly hotter. This can cause a breakdown in the active ingredients in prescription drugs, lessening their potency. When storing goods in a storage unit, leave the prescription medications at home.

Don’t ask for trouble by storing these six things in storage units. Remember these storage unit rules. Instead, stick to furniture, household goods, and other items only.