Fruits and salad dishes with Tippet-Richardson team being involved in the community with Ronald MacDonald House

Tippet-Richardson’s Community Team and Ronald MacDonald House Vancouver

Ronald MacDonald House

January 9, 2015, wasn’t an ordinary day for Tippet-Richardson‘s Community Team of Stephanie Montgomery, Mirna Ortiz, and Katherine Cortes.  This day, they spent much of their time prepping food for a Greek dinner that they would be serving that evening at Ronald MacDonald House, for approximately 50 people.

Our volunteer chefs arrived at Ronald MacDonald House at 4.30pm and, within a few hours, managed to have dinner served to a hungry group.  After dinner, the three stayed to clean and wash all of the dishes.  Would they volunteer again?  Absolutely, in a heartbeat!

If you’d like to learn more about the wonderful work done by Ronald MacDonald House, click here.

Giving back to the community we work and live in!