Man, wearing a green sweater and two women are packing up an office space

Planning an Office Move? Make the Most of your New Space

The most common reasons for an office move are related to cost-efficiency or a better location. If you’re moving to a new office space, you can minimize costs by preparing your move in advance and downsizing your operation. Take inventory of your office property, then make a list of items that you no longer require and which are simply taking up space. Now, here’s how you downsize:


There is a market for old computers and other equipment. Put ads on local sites, such as Craigslist, if you’d like to regain some funds from those unwanted goods.


Since interaction with online followers now needs to be part of every marketing plan and giveaways attract new followers, you can downsize and build a following at the same time!  Give away useful but unwanted items via contests or posts on your website or Facebook page.  It’s an easy call to action and can stimulate further user interest.


Give items to charity and simultaneously help others who are also trying to cut expenses. Such donations will also be giving back to your local community, which all businesses should demonstrate doing. Do some research, to find local shelters and charities who can make use of the items. (Note: you might even be able to write off some donations as tax deductions.)


There are several items that aren’t acceptable to charities, such as old television sets and computer monitors, due to the hazardous materials inside. Such materials can be taken to recycling centres or businesses that refurbish old equipment. Even though it may cost money to dispose of them, at least you’ll be eliminating storage costs.

Go digital

Not everything needs to be kept in hard copy. You can store digital documents instead of the physical paperwork, if appropriate. Transfer company artwork, logos, images, and other media to the same platform as well. Calendars, letters, promotional material, marketing lists and accounting can all be digitized, instead of taking up space as physical documents.

The Cloud

You might want to consider using cloud-based software to handle office functions, to help save on energy costs, computer usage, and overall office space. Many office functions, such as communication and archiving can be done completely in the cloud.

The perks of downsizing

Taking this minimalist approach to the office equipment you move in to your new space will mean that the move is swifter and your destination less cluttered, allowing you to enjoy settling into a new workspace and getting back to business quickly.