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Moving Out of a Rental Unit

Are you planning to move out of a rental unit in the near future? Paying attention to the laws surrounding rental agreements is a wise idea.  Knowing the facts could help you avoid confrontations with your current landlord, or even legal repercussions. Be sure to bear the following in mind when you are moving out of your rental unit:

Notice of Termination

As a tenant, you must provide your landlord a ‘Notice of Termination’, in writing, if you are planning to vacate. The notice will need to confirm the move out date, or ‘termination date’. The specifics of the notice will vary from province to province.  Therefore, be sure to check with the rental authority for your area, so that you know your rights and obligations.

Left-behind property

When moving out, you must remove all of your property from the unit, by the termination date. If you don’t, the landlord has a right under the Residential Tenancies Act to immediately sell, keep or dispose of your property. Furthermore, the Act stipulates that you cannot fine the landlord or expect any sort of compensation.

Installed fixtures and additions

If you have installed any fixtures to the rental unit, they are required by law to stay with the property. Essentially, they become the property of the landlord. (If you wish to take the fixtures with you, you should try to reach an alternative agreement with your landlord.)

Condition of the property

You are required to leave the rental unit in the same condition it was in when you first moved there (minus reasonable wear and tear). If you have caused damage to the property, or left it in a state that will cause financial loss or violate the terms of the lease, the landlord may take legal action against you.

For more information on legal considerations, consult the Residential Tenancies Act and Rental Authority for the Province or Territory that you live in. If you want to learn more about how to make moving out of your rental unit easy and hassle-free, check out our residential moving services.