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Moving Internationally

Moving internationally is a completely different experience than moving domestically. The process of relocating is much more complex; cultural change, immigration, international employment, and practical matters like healthcare and banking are all significant factors.

And this is in addition to safely moving your things to the country you will soon call home. Not to mention, dealing with the emotional impact of leaving friends and family, and venturing outside your comfort zone. The entire process can be very challenging, but if you keep the following tips in mind, you can make the transition much easier (maybe even exciting!). Here’s how to move overseas with the least amount of stress possible:

Handle the Practical Matters

Healthcare, banking, and schooling for your children – these will likely be very different from what you are used to. Thus, it is prudent to put in the research and make informed decisions sooner rather than later. It will help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with making such a big life transition. You should begin looking into how particular systems work in the country you are relocating to, and how the move will affect your family. If you have obtained international employment, check with your employer to see what kind of assistance they can provide to help you adjust. You can also consult the resources that the Government of Canada provides.

Learn about the Culture

Making an international move means you are going outside of your comfort zone, leaving friends, family and often the environment you are accustomed to. When going through this challenging transition, the last thing you need is culture shock. While you won’t realistically be able to eliminate unfamiliarity with a new place, you can mitigate much of the uncertainty by educating yourself prior to the move. On a high level, this would involve research about the culture itself. On a deeper level, taking classes to learn about the language or culture of your destination will significantly ease the transition (a language barrier can be one of the most overwhelming things about moving to a new country).

Safely Relocate Your Belongings

With so many other things on your plate, worrying about getting your belongings transported is the last thing you need. Hiring a professional moving service that specializes in international moving can help alleviate much of the stress involved. Specifically, we can help you with aspects such as:

  • Customs regulations and required documentation
  • Export packing and crating
  • The relocation of special items, such as vehicles

In short, if you’re planning a move overseas, you don’t have to do alone. At Tippet-Richardson, we help you with every step of your international move, including surveying possessions, move preparation documentation, customs regulations, and more. Request a quote for your international move today!