Jeff Brennan, GM at T-R Ottawa

Jeff Brennan, General Manager at T-R Ottawa

Whilst T-R is celebrating its 95th anniversary, it’s quite fitting that we’re doing our staff focus on Jeff Brennan, as he’s also celebrating an anniversary: 30 years with the T-R brand!

Jeff has worked for T-R Westcan Inc. for 7 years, holding the position of GM at our Vancouver branch. However, he hails from Ontario and it is where he got his start working for Tippet-Richardson Limited and where he’s been doing the brand proud, most recently as the GM of our Ottawa branch.

Life at T-R

Jeff’s working schedule varies from day to day, depending on what’s required and where he feels he’s most needed at the time. You might find him in the office, out at the warehouse, or even pitching in and driving trucks on a job. His favourite aspects of the job are the people he meets and using his 30 years of experience to train up new employees. His most valued career lesson? Just relax and don’t take things personally.

Aside from T-R

If Jeff hadn’t been drawn into the moving industry, he thinks he may have worked in law enforcement. When not working, he likes to run his hounds on his farm and in competition.

Home life

A fun fact that people may not know about Jeff is that he doesn’t drink or smoke. A family man at heart, his favourite place in the world is being beside his children Jaime, Kaitlin and Ryan. (Pictured here with him.)

Jeff’s mantra

“Living the dream.”

Thoughts on the future of the industry

“The industry is changing by the day – everything from technology to struggling with labour and equipment issues. I think companies will start having to work hand in hand with each other, sharing not just labour but all resources.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Jeff, or if you’d like to inquire about joining his team, you can reach him at our Ottawa office.