Blue bucket holding yellow gloves, orange and blue sponges, and other cleaning supplies

5 Cleaning Tips for your Move In

Move in cleaning is usually the last thing on people’s minds but it’s the perfect time to get the house sparkling before unpacking. Don’t skip this important step in getting settled into a new home. Use these 5 cleaning tips for your move in:

Start with a Clean Slate

Don’t wait to start move in cleaning when all your possessions are in the house. Start cleaning when the home is empty. It’s tempting to get a few boxes moved in and unpacked, to retain some normalcy but an empty home is far easier to clean. Rather than working around knick-knacks and moving furniture, homeowners can focus on the brass tacks of what’s dirty in the home. Once the moving van is in the drive way, hop out and start cleaning immediately.

Get Those Appliances

Appliances, whether they’re left with the home or moved in, require special TLC prior to moving in. Before the dogs and the kids take over the house, pull appliances away from their nook or wall and sweep out behind them. Make sure that refrigerators coils, if flush with the floor, are clean and dust-free. This will improve their performance and lengthen their life. Get some heavy duty cleaners to scrub inside ovens and microwaves. Fully disassemble and wash refrigerators. Defrost freezers. Move in cleaning isn’t complete without scrubbing the appliances.

Clean the Walls

Those homeowners not planning on painting their new place can save time and grime after moving in by cleaning down the walls. From splashes of tomato sauce in the kitchen to mud soaked dogs in the entry, walls can get dirty fast and they’re rarely cleaned during the weekly scrubbing. Start move in cleaning by grabbing a cellulose sponge and some warm water. Start on an easily hidden patch of paint to make sure cleaning the walls doesn’t make a bigger mess. Then, clean the entire wall with large circular sweeps of the sponge. Allow the walls to air dry before moving furniture against them or hanging pictures up.

Dust it All

Dust accumulates in some strange places. People may notice dusty fan blades but dirty baseboards, grimy door panels, and cob-webbed corners can escape notice for months or years. Start by going through the entire home with a duster and a wet rag. Dust any observable bunnies then wipe the surface down. This will pull all that extra grime off the surface. Start from top to bottom, going room to room, and eradicating all the dust. Not only is this great for sufferers of asthma but great for the overall look of cleanliness of the home.

Finish with the Floors

One of the most essential cleaning tips for your move in is cleaning the entire floor without without having to worry about moving heavy furniture. If the home is carpeted, hire a heavy-duty carpet cleaner to get them looking like new. Hardwoods should be swept and mopped with wood oil and water. Take the opportunity of having a completely clean floor and do some move in cleaning on the floors.

Move in cleaning can be tedious but it allows homeowners to have a truly clean home when they’re finally unpacked. Spending an hour or two before the boxes are unpacked can save an entire day further down the line. Start life in your new home on the right foot, with these cleaning tips for your move in.