Women's History Month: Meet Brenda Naylor

Women’s History Month: Meet Brenda Naylor

Our President & CEO, Brenda Naylor, has been featured by Allied, in honour of Women’s History Month! The article, from Allied Van Lines, is detailed below, or you can visit the original at: https://corporate.allied.com/blog/meet-brenda-naylor-of-tippet-richardson

March is dedicated to celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of women from the past, present and future. In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to dedicate this month to recognizing Allied’s inspirational female entrepreneurs who are transforming our industry and empowering younger generations to join. Allied Van Lines is proud of all the female leaders who have built their agencies with us. Join us in celebrating the inspirational female entrepreneurs who have built their agencies with us. 


Brenda Naylor is an ambitious entrepreneur, motivated by her passion to serve others. As a fiercely independent go-getter, Brenda made a promise to her young self to never ask her father for money or a job. Honoring that commitment, Brenda went on to blaze her own trail and make something of her own. Today she is the President and CEO of Tippet-Richardson with an impressive resume.

Brenda’s fearlessness has led her to pursue a wide array of careers. Prior to entering the moving industry, she was an environmental consultant and private investigator who played semi-pro tennis on the weekends. Eager for more, she decided it was time to pursue a life-long curiosity of hers to become a police officer.

She passed all aspects of the entrance exam with ease; all but one, the vision test. Not expecting her 20/30 vision to stand between her and the police academy, Brenda was left yearning for a new career full of exciting opportunities. That week, Brenda received a call from her brother asking for her leadership to help with their family company, Tippet-Richardson. Brenda took it as a sign, packed her bags and left dabbling behind to pursue a career in the moving industry.

Established in 1927, Tippet-Richardson has been a family-owned and operated moving company providing high quality moving services to all of Canada. In 2004, Brenda bought T-R from her father and became the agency’s first female owner. As the third generation of Naylor’s to own T-R, Brenda leaned into the challenge of carrying on the family business.

Purchasing the company, Brenda wanted to make her family proud; but most importantly she needed to be proud of herself. A little over 16 years later, T-R is doing more business than ever with many of their new clients coming from referrals. Brenda attributes the key to her success is to lead by example. As a hands-on leader, she enjoys empowering her employees to lead T-R like it was their own. The camaraderie Brenda feels when she is alongside her fellow teammates both in the office and physically working on a job, is unlike any other feeling in the world.

Establishing herself as a dedicated entrepreneur, Brenda wouldn’t change a single thing to the career path she took to get here. The ups and downs of her professional career have instilled in her a power to conquer any task. Her independence and strong work ethic are at the foundation of T-R. Every day, she focuses on cultivating an inspiring workplace that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A firm believer in laughter, Brenda is always cracking jokes to get a smile out of her employees.

Brenda has high hopes for the future of Tippet-Richardson and the moving industry, strongly encouraging more women to join. She knows to be successful you must give it your all, don’t back down when met with resistance, roll up your sleeves and put in the work, never take no as an answer. Don’t expect anything to be handed to you and relish in the challenges; from great challenges come great rewards.

Mantra Brenda lives by:

“Strive to be better”

Every morning as she walks out the door, Brenda says to her two dogs, Chilli and Ella, “strive to be better.” Setting her pace for the day, knowing whatever challenges will come, she will strive to be her best self.

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