Tippet-Richardson turns 95!

Tippet-Richardson turns 95!

We’re celebrating Tippet-Richardson’s 95th anniversary this year!  T-R began life from humble beginnings in 1927 (the year of Canada’s Diamond Anniversary), when Basil Tippet and C.A. Richardson rented a warehouse and a moving van, to start their operation in Toronto.  This was way back before there was even a highway into Western Canada.

Now we’ve been around for almost a century and we’ve certainly seen a few things.  T-R has survived: the stock market crash of ’29 and the Great Depression that followed in the “dirty thirties”; the global devastation of World War 2; not to mention the COVID pandemic.  We were even here when the maple leaf was raised for the very first time on the Canadian flag we know today.

Tippet-Richardson turns 95!

Over the years, Tippet-Richardson has been evolving. Russell Naylor (originally Operations Manager) became Vice-President in 1944. He then took the company through the 1950’s, while Canada became as affected by pop culture as the rest of the world, and shows like Ed Sullivan and I Love Lucy brightened the nation’s screens.  It was during this era that Tippet-Richardson expanded into Hamilton, Ottawa, Stratford and Waterloo, and the Naylor brothers took full control of the company.

Keeping it in the family, Russell Naylor’s sons, Peter and Bruce, joined T-R in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s respectively, with an enviable soundtrack taking hold of the country.  Music festivals began and the likes of Elvis and The Beatles performed here, causing quite a stir!

In the 80’s the company grew and established offices in Vancouver and Calgary, whilst also expanding into Business Records, Special Products and Overseas Moving, not to mention purchasing The Windsor Truck & Storage Company (established in 1880).

In 1995, Brenda Naylor was asked to join T-R and moved from Toronto to Vancouver tackling the role of Operations Manager. From there she went into sales, both private & corporate, before shattering the glass ceiling and becoming the first female General Manager and, in time, President & CEO.

Tippet-Richardson turns 95!

In 2004, Peter sold Tippet-Richardson (TR Westcan Inc.) to Brenda. Wasting no time, she started a real estate arm and purchased 3.5 acres and built a 45,000 sq ft modern facility, which opened in 2007. With a clearance height of 36’, this became the first storage facility to go 4 pallet high in western Canada. Two years later, Brenda purchased A1 Moving & Storage, an Agent for North American Van Lines, making one of the oldest and most trusted companies in Canada a dual Agent. Brenda currently owns and operates Vancouver, Calgary & Ottawa and is a 25% owner along with her others siblings in the stand-alone Toronto office and the real estate arm – Warehouse Properties Limited.

With over 95 years of experience, Tippet-Richardson has spent the last century providing top-quality moving services worldwide, as well as retaining its commitment to supporting the local community, via an array of charitable endeavours.  Starting as a small business, T-R’s fleet is now capable of handling any size move, residential or corporate

Today, Tippet-Richardson embraces its history as we meet the challenge of every new move with over 95 years of experience, utilizing the newest technologies and celebrating a team of dedicated experts. In this 95th year, we at T-R would like to thank our Agent and industry partners world-wide for contributing to our success.

Happy 95th Anniversary to Tippet-Richardson: the friendly movers since 1927.