Tippet-Richardson Fundraiser

Help Tippet-Richardson Fight Hunger!

Tippet-Richardson is holding a Move For Hunger Fundraiser throughout 2022.  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented need for food support, throughout Canada and the US.  Your support will directly impact the number of people that Move for Hunger are able to feed in the years ahead. 96% of every donation goes directly towards their hunger relief and food waste reduction programs.

We at T-R are making a huge push, towards a goal of $30,000, to help put meals on tables.  Please pitch in with us, in the fight against food poverty, by donating here!

About Move for Hunger

Move for Hunger is a national non-profit organization that has found a sustainable way to reduce food waste and fight hunger.  By mobilizing leaders in the moving, relocation, and multi-family industries to provide their customers, clients, and residents with the opportunity to donate their food when they moved.  Since 2009, Move for Hunger has collected 24 million pounds of food, and has helped to provide more than 20 million meals.

About Tippet-Richardson

Tippet-Richardson started partnering with Move for Hunger more than 10 years ago, and we’ve now delivered over 47,000 pounds of food, which equates to over 39,000 meals for people in need, via food banks in our local communities. This makes it seem like ending hunger is actually within our grasp.  Imagine what we could do, if everyone contributed to this amazing cause.  Start today, by joining in with this fundraiser!

How you can help

  1. Help us spread the word, by forwarding this message on to your colleagues, customers and clients.
  2. Donate to the Fundraiser here.