Stack of labeled moving boxes of kitchen, living room and bedroom

Where’s the Dog?! Things to Remember When Moving

Moving can be mentally exhausting, and when you need to pack up your entire home and coordinate so many different aspects, you’re bound to forget a few things. While people usually remember the important things – it’s not likely that someone will forget their pets, children or clothes – you’d be surprised at some of the items and tasks people overlook. To help you stay on track, we’ve compiled a list of things to remember when moving:

Before moving

No moving checklist would be complete without mentioning the tasks involved prior to moving day. Here are the most important of these:

  • Changing your address. Remember to file for a change of address so that mail, subscriptions, bills and other important notices reach you, rather than the tenants of your previous home.
  • Inform your insurance provider of the change of address.
  • Cancelling/transferring utility services. Services like gas, water, cable and internet need to be cancelled or transferred prior to moving. Many telecommunications providers, for example, require a period of notice for cancellation, and if you wait too late you’ll end up paying for services you aren’t using.
  • Arrange school records and register children at their new schools.
  • Financial and medical considerations, such as bank accounts and prescriptions, should be transferred prior to relocating.
  • Get rid of all excess items that you don’t need, either through selling them, donating them to charity or discarding them.

Preparing for moving day

  • Service/clean appliances that you are bringing with you.
  • Clean out fridge and freezer.
  • Make arrangements for childcare, if necessary.
  • Arrange for a moving company, as well as method of payment.
  • Organize and label boxes by room/area, so that unpacking will be easier once you have arrived in your new home.

Moving day

  • Have boxes that you need immediately clearly marked, so they remain accessible when placed in your new home.
  • Inform family or friends of your plans/schedule, in case of emergencies.
  • Keep important documents and other valuables with you during the move.
  • Leave things the new residents will need at the home, such as garage door opener, keys, etc.
  • Have a final look around the entire house, to ensure that you have not forgotten anything.

Don’t forget to print off a copy of this list of Things to Remember When Moving, so you can check them off, as you go!