Elderly couple with glasses is looking at each other with joy with moving boxes in the far-right hand side

Senior Moving – Why you should hire a professional company

One of the most quickly expanding areas of the moving industry is senior moving. With the constant growth of retirement living and condos, more seniors are finding convenience in downsizing and assisted living. When relocating aging family members, our clients expect the very best care and sensitivity that such a move deserves. Here are some things to consider:

Supporting your loved ones

When aging family members decide it’s time to move, it can be an emotional time. Many seniors live in their homes for years, or even decades. Therefore, moving into assisted living, or downsizing from a house into a condo, can be a huge transition. Not to mention the emotions involved in moving away from a home in which they’ve made hundreds of cherished memories.

Hiring a professional moving company can help you and your loved ones through this difficult and emotional time. Using a moving company can allow you to spend more time with your family during the whole moving process. This can allow for an easier adjustment to the changes of a new home, and the grieving process of leaving the old one behind.

At Tippet-Richardson, we understand that you want the best care possible for your loved ones, and that is what we aim for. Every move, every time. We understand that moving seniors, as with other moves, can be both emotional and stressful. Fortunately, our senior moving staff are specifically trained to deal with moves of this kind. We even have a senior care counsellor that can begin assisting your family in the weeks prior to the move. They will be there for you until the last box is moved into your new home.

Storage options

Tippet-Richardson can also provide climate controlled storage, which is perfect for seniors who are downsizing. If you have heirlooms or valuables in the family that there just isn’t space for, we can keep them safe until you need them again. We can even pick up your items and bring them back at your convenience.

Tippet-Richardson is the perfect choice to assist you and your family through a move. If you would like to speak to one of our trained staff regarding a senior move, please call us today!