Open moving crate parked in a Tippet Richardson professional storage facility

Professional Storage Services

Self-storage isn’t the only option for homeowners moving cross country or internationally. In fact, for a lot of homeowners, choosing professional storage services offers significant benefits over self-storage. When choosing between self-storage units and professional storage services, consider these advantages:


There isn’t a whole lot of flexibility in the average move. Certain factors dictate the process: closing dates; job orientation; and school start times. That’s why homeowners planning a big move need flexibility where they can get it. Self-storage units offer some degree of flexibility, allowing monthly or quarterly rentals of storage units, but it’s nothing compared to professional storage services. Professional storage services offer homeowners a way to pick the date they want their possessions picked up, how long they want them stored, and when they want them at a new home. Don’t make the mistake of confining yourself to a required rental period or a lengthy commute to retrieve possessions. When you choose our professional storage services, you’ll be able to dictate when and where you want your possessions moved.

Minimize Damage

With self-storage, you have to be constantly mindful that it doesn’t become a drop zone, in which you dump possessions until a later date. In the midst of a lengthy move, often family members aren’t as careful or mindful of how goods will fare when left for weeks or months in a storage unit. Your possessions could get dropped, squeezed, or crushed, when being moved from A to B. Professional storage services offer homeowners trained and experienced movers to seal and safely transport possessions between homes. Just imagine:

  • You can choose the date that our movers to come to your home;
  • We’ll arrange for transportation, and then proper storage, of the household goods you’ve selected;
  • You can then decide when to have our movers bring your things safely to your new home.

To ensure that your household possessions make it safely to your new home, consider the advantages of our professional storage services.

Safe Storage

Choose Tippet-Richardson’s storage services and enjoy the added perk of a climate controlled and safe environment. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are safe for the duration of their stay with us. Self-storage units may not be climate controlled or secured from weather damage or theft. Be sure to choose a professional storage service, one that is climate controlled and monitored by electronic security systems.

Minimal Moving

Self-storage units rely on homeowners to carry the burden of moving from old house to storage unit and storage unit to new home. It can be exhausting in the midst of a long-distance move to create mini moves between storage units. Professional storage services take all the mini moves out of the equation. Professional movers come to the old home to box and transport household goods to storage and later move them to the new home, when the homeowner is ready. It streamlines the moving process and provides the ideal solution for homeowners moving across the country or just down the street.

Remember, self-storage isn’t your only option. Professional storage units offer substantial benefits over the traditional self-storage units, in terms of security, reliability, and ease of move. When getting ready for a long move, consider our professional storage services.