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Why You Need an Office Moving Checklist

Moving office is generally more complicated than moving a household. There are a number of additional factors to consider on top of simply relocating property. Plus, the extent and complexity of the move will vary, depending on the nature of your business.

Like any other aspect of your business, coordinating a move to a new office requires a plan. At its foundation, this plan should have an office moving checklist that will outline and prioritize tasks and action items. This will help ease the transition from one location to the next, in order to help you minimize costs and resource expenditures, and maximize efficiency. Here are some suggestions for what to include on your office moving checklist:

  • Create a correspondence plan

    Ensure that you are keeping important contacts in the loop so that they know you are relocating. This includes customers, suppliers, and other integral contacts.

  • Establish a committee

    Larger businesses with more employees, resources and property may want to organize a moving committee, to help facilitate the transition to a new office.

  • Keep employees informed

    It’s important that employees are involved and stay abreast of changes so that they can adapt more seamlessly to the new working environment. They should also be clear about their responsibilities during the move. For example, what they are responsible for packing.

  • Adopt a packing schedule

    If you need to prepare items for the move, make sure you do so well beforehand. Establishing a packing schedule will ensure that people are made aware of their responsibilities, and help you maintain a consistent timeline.

  • Plan the layout of the new space

    Prior to moving into the new office, you should establish a layout plan, detailing where everything will be located. This should include equipment installation, employee working space, meeting and kitchen areas, and so forth.

Find a moving service properly equipped for your needs

Your business will have particular requirements for moving office, and these needs vary, depending on the type of business you’re in. You’ll want to ensure that the moving service you hire can adequately handle your particular needs, especially if you are relocating specialized equipment or property. Opt for a moving company that specializes in office relocations.

Some features to look for include:

  • move management services (in which they assist you with planning, developing and implementing the goals and objectives of your move)
  • computer disconnect and reconnect
  • LAN cabling
  • e- Waste options

With an office moving checklist and a strategic plan, you can minimize issues and ensure that your office move goes smoothly. If you require assistance with your relocation, call Tippet-Richardson today, to speak with one of our moving specialists!