Bulldog on top of a box that is labeled dog and other boxes are labeled kitchen, CDs, books

Moving with Pets

Moving is a high stress affair and adding pets into the mix can ramp that stress up. Pets can get aggravated and stressed by a chaotic environment, especially if their owners are distracted. To prevent stress when moving with pets, it’s important to follow some simple steps:

Board While Boxing

You don’t want to lose your pet in the chaos of doors opening and people coming in and out. Worse, skittish pets can sense the stress of a move and may try to bolt, to escape it. Find a trusted friend or a well-respected boarder, so you can remove your pet from the scene. Your pet will have a relaxing vacation before joining you in your new home.

Microchip Now

Add microchipping to your “must do” list before a big move. Moving with pets opens up a lot of opportunities for pets to get lost or run off. Microchipping is a minimally invasive, safe, and low cost way to ensure that, if a pet is lost, it can be easily identified and returned.

Pack a Four-Legged Friend Overnight Bag

While it may be second nature to pack an overnight bag for the human members of the family, packing a bag for pets is an absolute must during a move. Take the time to set aside favorite toys, an extra leash, treats, and a couple of days’ worth of food. Just as with your own overnight bag, keep it separate from the bulk of your boxes, especially if hiring professional movers.  Instead, keep the bag with you while travelling. That will ensure it’s within arm’s reach if a distraction is needed.

Plan the Trip Ahead

When it comes to moving, the actual road trip is often the last thing on a homeowner’s mind. Moving with pets can add a layer of complexity to the road trip. Sit down with a set of directions and find some good spots to stop. Find convenient dog parks or pet-friendly visitors’ centers, to stop for bathroom breaks and water stops. Allow your pets to stretch their legs and get fresh water every couple of hours. Plan ahead and take time making it to your new home, when moving with pets.

Keep to a Schedule

Pets are creatures of habit. They like consistency in their day-to-day lives and the upheaval of a big move can aggravate or scare them, unnecessarily. It’s important that owners try to keep their pet’s schedule as consistent as possible during the time before and immediately after the move. Keep feedings, walks, and bonding sessions around the same time as prior to the move. If possible, equip the new home with the same features as the old home, to make pets feel more at ease. Set up the dog door or cat scratching post in a location similar to where it was in the previous home. Maintaining a schedule when moving with pets can help reduce stress.

Moving with pets adds another layer of complexity to a move but one that can be easily managed. Keeping the pet’s schedule the same and removing pets from the home prior to a move are just two of the ways to ease the stress of moving with pets. Plan ahead and make moving with pets easy.