Blue map of North America with a Canadian and an American flag

Moving to Canada from the USA: Things you should know before you move.

So, your visa is in and you’ve arranged your new accomodation, it’s finally time – you’re moving from USA to Canada! Smart movers look beyond the basics of packing and researching new homes to how best to assimilate into a whole new country.

Before packing the moving van, these are some helpful tips that can help make moving to Canada a smooth transition:

Check Your Credentials

Although Canada is very similar to the United States, there are some significant differences in professional credentialing. Many of the requirements for healthcare, finance, and other professions have separate governing bodies or educational requirements in Canada. If you haven’t yet found a job, you can increase your odds by re-credentialing prior to moving. Find out what the requirements are from Citizenship & Immigration Canada, as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget the Finances

Traveling across international borders requires more than just a visa and a moving truck. You’ll need exact records of the assets you’re moving from USA to Canada. Any US citizen preparing for a move should consult an attorney trained in internal laws. They’ll help you create a detailed inventory of the items, money, and assets that you’re transporting. You’ll then need to present this at border patrol, where it will be retained for tax purposes. Taking this step will help prevent long delays in emigration.

Brush Up On Your French

Canada has two official languages: English and French. English will do fine throughout most of Canada. However, if you’re moving to Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick or Manitoba, you’ll feel at home more quickly if you’re able to speak and understand at least some French. Being bilingual is not only great for the mind but also great for finding a job. Many companies prefer to hire bilingual staff because they’re able to speak with all Canadian citizens.  Interested in English or French lessons?  Click here!

Bring Copies

Before leaving the United States, make a couple of copies of all necessary documentation. This includes passports, visas, birth certificates, and all other vital travel documents for crossing the border. While most international moves are seamless, losing any of these documents can result in delays or even denial of entry into Canada.

Get Ready for Border Control

While border control is mostly quick and painless, the probing questions can intimidate some family members. Coach your kids, so that they know what questions to expect and how to respond to them. When approaching border control, have all your documentation ready to hand to the officers. Being prepared may help streamline things.  Border control regulations are subject to change, so make sure you check the current rules here.

Benefit from Our Experience

Moving from USA to Canada requires special expertise, given the regulatory environment in today’s security conscious world. Don’t risk getting overwhelmed by all the hoops you’ll have to jump through for success. Instead, allow us to help you navigate the process.

Tippet-Richardson has the necessary resources required to do the job correctly. Our qualified moving professionals will assist you with every aspect of your move. We will provide you with the guidance and expertise you need for a smooth moving experience, so get in touch today!