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Moving from Canada to the USA

Every year, many Canadians decide to move to the United States. Some move for employment, some to be with their partner, and others to escape the Canadian weather. Whatever the reason, the moving process can be overwhelming, if undertaken by yourself. However, doing some preparation and securing professional help can turn your potentially stressful move into a walk in the park. Here’s our moving from Canada to the USA checklist, to get you started:

Moving from Canada to the USA checklist

Immigration Paperwork

Regardless of why you’re moving to the US, you’ll need to complete a legal process, in order to immigrate correctly. Therefore, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to get your papers in order. Immigration regulations can change at anytime, so you’ll need to visit the United States Immigration Service website to find out current regulations and to obtain the relevant documents for your situation. There are many third parties, offering services to help speed up the process but they cannot guaranteed to expedite matters. Your best bet is to deal with the immigration department directly.

Coordinate Your Move

Moving to the US from Canada presents a significant logistical challenge. Aside from sorting through your accumulated things, facilitating the moving process is the most complicated task. For large scale international moves like this, it’s highly recommended to entrust a professional long distance moving service such as Tippet Richardson.

Letting us assist you will help to take the stress out of the moving process and ease the transition. We will pack all of your items, stretch-wrap all delicate furniture, coordinate electronic disconnections, and plan the moving process to your new home in the US. We can also arrange for storage and warehousing for some of your larger items. Most importantly, we know the declaration process for importing all of your items into the US. Visit the United States Customs and Border Protection website to learn more about the various restricted items that cannot be taken with you during your move.

In the US, we help you unload, unpack and arrange all of your belongings, leaving you ready to begin your new life. Tippet-Richardson has been orchestrating moves since 1927. We truly know the ins and outs of the business, and how to make the transition from one home to another a simple and stress-free process. International moving is our specialty! Contact us today for a free quote, or to receive more information on our various moving services!