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Moving to BC Checklist

Let Tippet-Richardson help with your exciting move to BC! We’ve been helping people move to British Columbia from all over Canada; we can even help if you’re moving from the United States. We provide friendly and efficient moving services and can also help with any packing and storage requirements that you might have. Request a quote from us today; we’re looking forward to helping you move to BC.

Get Your License

Canadians moving to BC from another province have ninety days to apply for a BC driver’s license. The process is simple for drivers with over two years of experience.

Applicants simply bring the following:

  • government ID;
  • current driver’s license;
  • fee;
  • proof of two years of driving experience. (Either a driver’s license covering more than two years, or an official letter from the issuer of the driver’s license)

Young adults and new drivers will need to go through a graduated licensing program. This starts with a knowledge test and eye exam, to obtain a learner’s license. Drivers are then required to have one year of practice (with supervision) and a road test for a novice license. Finally, drivers will need two years of safe driving and pass a road test. Drivers who’ve begun this process in another province may be able to transfer into the BC driving program, with documentation.

Consider Healthcare

Those moving to BC from another province aren’t immediately eligible for BC healthcare. According to the Ministry of Health, new residents need to reside in BC for three full months before becoming eligible. So, residents who moved October 1st won’t be eligible for healthcare in BC until January 1st. You should start by contacting your current province’s Ministry of Health and discussing what coverage you will receive in BC. Obtaining care outside of your coverage can be costly. Therefore, you should have a list of covered doctors and hospitals ready, in case an emergency arises. Once the waiting period is over, immediately apply for the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Pack Smart

Moving provinces is like changing countries. There’s paperwork, long wait times, and bureaucratic headaches galore. Stashing belongings in a self-storage unit isn’t practical when there’s a long distance between old house and new. Transporting all your household goods in one trip by yourself is also not ideal. Save yourself the stress and have a smoother trip, by delegating packing and moving to a team of professionals. Compare the time and expense of packing and moving a home with our quote. Consider whether the financial cost is worth the immeasurable reduction in stress and aggravation. When moving to BC from another province, hiring a professional mover usually makes sense.