Two T-R staff in uniform are moving a couch into a Tippet-Richardson parked moving truck using a Melcher ramp

Moving Oversized Items

Oversized items are no joke. Packing and moving solo may seem like a good opportunity to trim your moving budget. However, those savings might end up offset by damages, injuries, and a whole lot of aggravation. Those contemplating moving oversized items as a do-it-yourself project may want to consider these drawbacks:

What Packaging Will Protect the Oversized Item?

While oversized items are sturdy, they certainly aren’t unbreakable. Scratches, dents, and cracks can turn a large item into an eyesore. Repairing walls, ceilings, floors, or the item itself will also add extra projects to your workload. That’s why it’s important to properly protect large items during a move.

Proper packing supplies aren’t cheap though and experience has its perks. Professional movers have unique experience in packing and moving large items. The combination of experience and supplies make packing much cheaper and more reliable than a do-it-yourself job. While moving oversized items may seem as easy as throwing a couple of blankets over the top and tying it into place, it really requires specialized packing before, during, and after transport.

How Is It Going to Fit?

You could be moving out after a one year lease or a thirty year residence.  Either way, it’s hard to remember exactly how you moved everything in, last time. Those oversized items were often cajoled, squeezed, and prayed into place. Getting them back out again can, at best, take time and energy, and at worst, damage the walls and floors. Navigating multiple floors or tight hallways takes the eye of an experienced mover, not an amateur. While that California king bed may seem easy to move out of a loft, it may take additional help and some finesse. A professional can pinpoint exactly how to remove oversized items from a residence or business without a single scuff.

Who Is Going To Move It?

While it’s a standard fallback to ask friends over to help move, for the price of a pizza and some beer, usually only a few boxes make it to the moving van before the day devolves into chatting and drinking. Even if friends are willing to pitch in, moving oversized items can be hazardous. Without the proper equipment, such as forearm straps or a hydraulic dolly, DIY movers can suffer serious bodily harm trying to move oversized items.

Oversized items can cause serious damage and, in rare cases, death. Those who need to carry a baby grand piano down a flight of stairs or a large oak desk through a tight corridor may want to think twice about what will happen if the piece slips or someone gets stuck while moving the oversized item. Professional movers understand the intricacies of moving oversized items. They have the equipment, the know-how, and will provide the appropriate staffing to move items safely. Don’t risk injury, call a professional moving company to transport oversized items.