Man, in a pink and white under shirt knelt down measuring the floor

Moving into a Condo

Whether its new condo owners moving into their first home or older parents downsizing after the children have moved out, moving into a condo is significantly different than moving into a house. These five important tips will help ease the burden of moving into a condo:

Measure First, Move Once

When moving into a condo, homeowners often overestimate the amount of space in their condo. They see the empty wooden floors and a wide, open floor plan, envisioning their furniture neatly fitting into the space. The reality is that, once the furniture starts moving in, that space fills up fast. Condo owners should avoid a costly move by measuring the floor plan and ensuring that everything will fit before they move.

Plan the Path Ahead

Moving into a house is relatively easy. The truck pulls to the front door and items can expeditiously be moved into the correct room. Moving into a condo presents a more difficult path for moving items. There may be stairs to navigate, hallways to contend with, and neighbors to take into consideration. Condo owners need to plan the path of their move and hire professional movers to help, if necessary.

Downsize Now

No matter how sparse a homeowner lives their life, when moving into a condo some things will have to go. Rather than packing up those items and moving them into a condo, cut out the move and start downsizing now. Box up unused items to donate to charity or sell in a yard sale and toss anything unwanted in the weeks leading up to your move. Anytime homeowners are getting ready to move is a great time to downsize. Go through cabinets, under the bed, and sort through hard-to-reach places, where unused items have accumulated. Downsizing before moving into a condo will save you time and effort.

Consider the Space

Moving into a condo, or to any new residence for that matter, requires reassessing which big ticket items are necessary. A full dining set may be appropriate in a house but your condo may simply have an open floor plan with a kitchen and living room and no room for that dining set. It’s important to assess the space and figure out what furniture is extra, what is needed, and what new pieces will need to be purchased. Taking these costs into account prior to your move can help you develop a more realistic perspective.

Don’t Flout the Rules

Many condos hold their residents to a set of rules, for safety and the well-being of all residents. These rules vary but, when moving into a condo, it’s important to understand and follow them. The rules might state that you’re only allowed to move between the hours of eight and five, for example.  Or that you shouldn’t move large furniture through the lobby.  Be sure to abide by the rules and take steps to find alternative arrangements, or obtain the relevant permits / waivers.

Follow the rules when moving into a condo. Moving into a condo brings some unique considerations with it. New condo owners need to plan ahead to successfully make their move. To make the move smoother and reduce the stress of moving into a condo, consider hiring a professional moving company.