In Loving Memory photo of Joan Waddling in a white-collar shirt and black trim glasses

In Loving Memory of Joan Waddling

In Loving Memory of Joan Waddling 1948 – 2017

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Joan Waddling.  She and her family have been close, treasured friends of the Naylor family for over 40 years.

Kind-Hearted Businesswoman

Joan was a professional hairdresser and philanthropic businesswoman in Toronto.  She had a passion for assisting new immigrants to Canada: by aiding their acquisition of language skills; providing apprenticeships in her salons; and helping them to make connections and friendships in the community.

Links with Tippet-Richardson

Joan’s husband Ron, currently Director of International Agent Relations at Tippet-Richardson International, began working with both Peter and Russell Naylor in the early 1970s.  Since that time, Ron and Joan have been friends and colleagues to the whole Naylor family, as well as to many others in the moving industry.  Their friendship and collaborations have meant so much to us, both professionally and personally.

At this time, our thoughts and love are with Ron and their daughter, Tia, who will miss Joan most of all.