Mixed race family of four moving into their new place unpacking all of their belongings from the long-distance move

Long Distance Moving Tips for Parents

A move of any kind can be a huge challenge, but long distance moving provides its own unique set of obstacles and problems. Often, these issues are exponentially more difficult to overcome when children are involved. Fortunately, we have some long distance moving tips for parents, to help with the whole process:

Tell Children What to Expect

One of the most important long distance moving tips is to be certain that children are aware of and understand what is happening. Explain why the move needs to take place. Be as honest as possible with them and answer any questions that they may have. Children who have a better understanding of why a move has to occur also have a better chance of being able to cope with it.

Have the Kids Help Pack

One key moving tip for parents is to let kids help with the actual move. Even young children will be able to clean up and put their toys in boxes. When children are involved with the moving process, they become less frightened and intimidated by it. Older children may be able to assist with taping up boxes and putting fragile objects in bubble wrap.

Involve Children in Decisions about the New Home

Help children feel empowered by consulting them on decisions about the new place, such as who gets which room, what colours to paint walls, and how to arrange things. However, if you have more than one child, keep in mind that such decisions might lead to conflict, so try to stay involved in discussions, to help them go smoothly.

Emphasize the New Opportunities

Children will undoubtedly be sad to leave the friends and places that they have become familiar with over the years. Encourage them to focus on what the new town has to offer. Is there a particular activity or area of interest that the child enjoys? Do some research and find out about opportunities for these interests in the new place. This might even swing your child’s feelings on the move and make them excited to start life somewhere else.

Have a Celebration

Some parents decide to celebrate before they move, to commemorate the good times had in their old home. Alternatively, others may prefer celebrating once they reach their new residence. Either way, a celebration will help put a child’s mind at ease and make them see that moving is not all about being serious and lifting heavy boxes. These moving celebrations need not be elaborate: a nice dinner or a play date with a few of the child’s closest friends will often suffice.

Hire the professionals

Children are emotional, impressionable, and can get attached to things easily, meaning they might need even more of your attention than usual. Hiring a professional moving company will free up your time, so you can focus on supporting your children. Our experienced team can offer further advice and long distance moving tips for parents, making the situation easier for everyone. Contact us for a quote today!