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7 Must-Have Packing Supplies to Make Moving Easier

Most people view moving as an arduous process, and it can be. Maybe you’ve got too much to organize? Not enough time? So many things to pack? The list goes on and on and packing is likely to be the one phase of the entire moving process that will take the most time and effort. That said, being properly equipped can significantly alleviate some of the challenges involved. If you’re ready to start packing up, line up these 7 must-have packing supplies to make moving easier:

A good variety of moving boxes

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Boxes are the first of the many packing supplies that come to mind when people are moving. Many people overlook the value of having different types of boxes that are appropriate for the multitude of things they have. Obtaining boxes that are suitable for small items, fragile items, secure packing, mirrors and mattresses, and even those specifically made for clothing will help you protect your property and pack more efficiently.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is an important packing supply because it saves you a lot of hassle throughout the moving process. Wrapping your fragile items or those that could be scratched/scuffed while moving will help ensure that they survive the journey. It also keeps items clean (particularly cups, dishes and vases), meaning you won’t have to wash every single thing after you’ve moved.

Packing Tape/Dispenser

Don’t just have packing tape handy; be sure to use a tape dispenser. This will save you a lot of time and prevent a lot of frustration. Why struggle to rip or bite tape to size when dispensers have a cutter built in, specifically for that purpose?

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an essential packing supply because it is perhaps the best way to protect your more fragile, sensitive items, meaning everything will arrive undamaged at your new home. And the best part? You can pop it after! (Trust us, it’s very satisfying).

Stretch Wrap

You can use stretch wrap for two very useful purposes: firstly, to protect surfaces that are susceptible to damage, such as dressers or tables; secondly, to keep awkward items together so that you can transport them easier and they don’t get lost.

Inflatable Bags

Not many people see inflatable bags as effective packing supplies, but they are very useful. During transport, they can be used to fill empty space so that boxes and furniture don’t move around as much in the truck, which means there is less chance that anything will be damaged.

A Dolly

if you need to organize the boxes and items you’ve packed, even prior to moving day, you’ll find a dolly to be extremely helpful.  With eficient organization, you can ensure that loading and unloading is done smoothly and that everything ends up in the right place, as it enters your new home…which makes unpacking that much easier.

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