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At TR Westcan Inc./Tippet-Richardson we know that to be the best, our people must be highly trained.   In fact, our people are the reason we have been successful for over 85 years. 

Our success as a company rests on the performance, motivation, and dedication of the people who come to work for us each day, and who do their best because they believe in the company and its ideals.

As a team, we have made a commitment to top-quality service, and have established the following standards for our van foremen, helpers, packers, unpackers, sales and office personnel to ensure the highest level of service and accuracy possible.

  • The customer comes first.
  • Quality improvement is an ongoing, never‑ending process.
  • Problems can be prevented through proper planning.
  • Quality is achieved through people working together toward the same goal.

All this, along with criminal background checks, ongoing training programs, effective communication, quality monitoring, and a strong focus on customers’ needs—has firmly incorporated quality into our culture. 


The Friendly Movers Since 1927

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