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Environmental Responsibility

At Tippet-Richardson, we are keenly aware of the impact our industry has on the environment.  From the large volume of packing material used each year to carbon emissions released from our trucks - we are taking positive steps to mitigate this impact. 

Idle Free

Climate change is one of the most pressing development issues in the world today.  Changes in long-term weather averages and conditions, including extreme temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent weather-related disasters, are being observed and are projected to continue. The potential impacts of climate change are far-flung and varied. 

Each of us, no matter where we live, can help reduce carbon emissions at an individual level. You can recycle, walk or ride a bike instead of driving, and unplug idle electronics. These may seem like small steps, but they do make a difference, especially when whole communities join the effort.

In an effort to do its part, Tippet-Richardson has established an Idle Free Policy for its vehicles.  This policy is effective Earth Day, April 22, 2013.  Copies of the policy are posted and have been distributed to all employees.  As a reminder to all, Idle Free decals are attached to the truck windows and warehouse doors.  

Idle Free

Tree Canada

As an agent for Allied Van Lines, we are extremely proud to have partnered with Tree Canada and to have followed through with our commitment to plant 15,000 trees over the past three years.  Further, through a separate Allied Van Line’s initiative, over $23,000 was contributed on behalf of Allied’s many customers, enabling Tree Canada to plant an additional 3,800 trees. 

These trees aid in offsetting carbon emissions produced as a result of our industry and will provide a living legacy for our environment and for Canadians to enjoy for years to come.


At Tippet-Richardson, we are:

  • reducing and/or eliminating the use of non recyclable packing material.
  • reusing or recycling packing materials and containers where possible.
  • using only packing paper and boxes which are 100% recyclable.
  • reducing fuel emissions by following anti idling regulations, reducing highway speed and implementing regular mechanical and safety inspections on all trucks.
  • recycling used tires.
  • encouraging a paper-less workplace.
  • recycling paper, cans, bottles, cardboard and toner cartridges.


The Friendly Movers Since 1927

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