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Our Story

Tippet-Richardson was founded in 1927, with its primary goal to provide high quality residential and commercial moving services in the Toronto area. The two founding partners were Basil Tippet and C.A. Richardson.

Using a rented warehouse and one van, the new company commenced operation on the highways as an independent operator moving furniture. At that time the bulk of their business was to and from the U.S., Ontario and Quebec. Back then there was no Canadian highway into Western Canada, and in order to make its western deliveries, the company was required to travel through the U.S.

In 1934, the two partners separated, and Basil Tippet bought his partner out. He was the major shareholder until 1944, when the Naylor brothers, Russell and Walter, bought in and became vice-presidents. Russell Naylor had been with the company since it first began, in the role of Operations manager.

These were exciting times.  In 1947, the first experimental trips were being made into Western Canada using the new Canadian highway.  In the 1950's, the company expanded into Hamilton, Ottawa, Stratford and Waterloo, Ontario.  Mr. Tippet died in 1959, leaving the Naylors to continue operating and expanding Tippet-Richardson.  Russell Naylor's sons, Peter and Bruce, entered into the business in the late '50's and early '60's respectively. Russell Naylor passed away in 1976, leaving his sons to continue his legacy.

The '80's saw increased growth and development. Expansion into Business Records, Special Products and Overseas Moving helped propel the company forward.  In 1987, one of the oldest Canadian moving companies, The Windsor Truck & Storage Company, established in 1880, was purchased in Windsor, Ontario.  

The first four years of the 1990's saw Tippet-Richardson down size in response to changing government purchasing trends and a number of offices were sold, closed, or amalgamated with others. Today, Tippet-Richardson has 8 locations across Canada, with two offices in Western Canada; TR Westcan Inc., Calgary and TR Westcan Inc., Vancouver.  Brenda Naylor, Russell’s grand-daughter, is the President and CEO of the Calgary and Vancouver locations.

Over the past 85 years, Tippet-Richardson has grown and flourished as one of the oldest and most trusted agents for Allied Van Lines in Canada. Tippet-Richardson has been entrusted with the prized possessions of families on the move longer than almost any other company in the industry.  Accordingly, our expertise in the safe handling and transport of household goods and our precise coordination of every facet of every move is second-to-none.


The Friendly Movers Since 1927

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